Monday, June 6, 2016

Leonard Horowitz owner California Utility Services has been featured on Los Angeles KTLA 5 News Chris Burrous  "Burrous Bargains".  See how DWP ratepayers can reduce their Bureau of Sanitation Sewer Service Charges can be reduced up to 75%.  Installing a water sub meter will take you off estimation and give you the actual cost.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

California Utility Services on ABC7 Eyewitness News. DWP water sub meter installation on certified platinum Leed home.

Monday, May 5, 2014

California Utility Services launches new website and mobile site.

California Utility Services with help from launches their new web and mobile site. This new improved website makes available everything you need to know about the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Sewer Service Charge Relief Program. Since 2003 CUS has provided expert LADWP water sub meter installations to thousands of LADWP ratepayers. Saving up to 75% from sewer service charges adding up to millions of dollars saved from residential and commercial account holders. This is the best kept secret from Bureau of Sanitation available to all Los Angeles DWP customers. Save your cash from going down the drain! Order your water sub meter today. Call 1-800-400-1727.

Friday, February 15, 2013

2014 is around the corner.

2014 is around the corner. The city of Los Angeles will have a new mayor, controller, and city council members. The LADWP will be negotiating for a new IBEW 18 employee salary and pension increase contract, Once again IBEW 18 union boss man Brian D’Arcy will threaten to strike if he doesn’t get his way. The City of Los Angeles can’t afford to sign another disastrous contract like they did in the past. These negotiations must show complete transparency. The negotiating table must have present: Mayor elect, IBEW 18 boss man Brian D’Arcy, GM Ron Nichols with Department executives, City Council committee members, Ratepayer Advocate Dr Pickel and Neighborhood Council DWP MOU committee members and others.

Friday, March 11, 2011

ABC7 Eyewitness News DWP Water Sub Meters from California Utility Services 2008

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DWP Ratepayer Revolt

Dear Angelenos,
If you want a great city, you have to invest in it. For Los Angeles to be the cleanest, greenest city in America, we need every Angeleno to play a role in building a future for our City defined by our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and 21st century green-collar jobs.
That is why today, I proposed a Carbon Reduction Surcharge. This plan will address both the long-term crisis of climate change and our dependence on fossil fuels, as well as the short term crisis of this recession and the dire need to create jobs in Los Angeles What you need to know about the new DWP rates and the Carbon Reduction Surcharge
Money from the Carbon Reduction Surcharge will be put into a Renewable Energy and Efficiency Trust Fund. This fund will be a renewable energy lock-box that will, for the first time, dedicate revenue to creating jobs in the fields of clean energy and energy efficiency. To monitor the lock-box, there will be a level of transparency and accountability that has quite frankly been missing from the DWP's renewable plan. For the first time, ratepayers will know exactly how much they are investing and exactly what they are getting for their investment.
Now I know that any rate increase is a big deal. But the good news is that, for the vast majority of you, the monthly bill will only increase by roughly $2.50 - $3.50. Efficient users will pay less. Wasteful users will pay more. And because the carbon surcharge is evenly distributed, it won't overly burden the businesses that are the economic engine of our city. Also, the new renewables fund will pay for energy efficiency investments and residential and business-based solar that will allow people to reduce their own bill.
I know we can lead the nation and become a model for cities big and small who want to "Go Green." And I know that we can lead the next historic "rush" on California. But this time it won't be a Gold Rush, it will be a Green Rush.
For more information about this proposal, Thank you,Antonio Villaraigosa

This is the most current email sent out by Antonio Villaraigosa. He has not given up on his solar plans and still plans on increasing our DWP Rates. This plan to raise rates is total bullshit. We can no longer trust our mayor and city council. They have not listend to the ratepayers and never intend on giving us a transparent DWP. It's time to revolt against the Mayor, City Council when it comes to DWP rate increases. If you are an unhappy residential or commercial property owner the time has come to speak up and make your voice heard. Please email so we can work together to make our ratepayer voices heard.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lets Hear from Taxpayers, Stakeholders,DWP Ratepayers

Welcome to our Meterman Blog. Here we can discuss the different ways L.A. Department of Water & Power and L.A. Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation takes our hard earned money and throws it down the drain. Discuss why all the rate increases and pass through fees. Learn where the money goes when you pay your sewer services charges. Find out why your sewer service charges are sometimes higher than you first tier water charge.

Did you know LADWP collects $550 million dollars for L.A.Public Works Bureau of Sanitation. Where is all that money going? Paying for high priced sub contractors instead of having knowledgeable high paid IBEW Local 18 union salaried employees doing the work. This is your opportunity to vent your feelings and learn more about one of the top 4 cash cows in the City of Angels. So, let's hear from you the tax payers, stakeholders and DWP account holders. Tell us whats on your mind.
Sincerely, Meterman

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